Free Kindle Fire HDX With Slip Lease – Holiday 2014

You give so much during the holidays.  But 2014 is your year to receive something incredible!  Regatta Pointe Marina is excited to announce we’ll be giving away Kindle Fire HDX’s this Christmas season with every new lease.

Sign a new slip lease of at least 6 months and fulfill the deposit requirements by Dec. 31, 2014, and we’ll give you a Kindle Fire HDX for FREE!  

Regatta Pointe Marina slips start at just $8 per foot. Our customers enjoy the most resort quality amenities (including a pool, hot tub, fitness center, boaters lounges, free WIFI, and more), and easy access to the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, free of any bridges. 

Join our boating community by the end of this year, and enjoy your a brand-new Kindle Fire HDX.  Just check out these special features:

  • Exclusive 7″ HDX display (1920×1200), high pixel density (323 PPI), and perfect color accuracy (100% sRGB) for vivid, lifelike images that go beyond standard HD
  • Ultra-fast 2.2GHz quad-core processor—3x more powerful than previous generation—with 2GB of RAM and Adreno 330 GPU for fast, fluid gaming and video
  • Introducing the “Mayday” button—revolutionary, on-device tech support, exclusive to Kindle Fire HDX tablets. Connect for free to an Amazon expert 24×7, 365 days a year
  • Stay productive on the go with ultra-fast web browsing, built-in OfficeSuite, and updated e-mail and calendar support for Gmail, Outlook, and more
  • Immersive entertainment experience—see trivia and character backgrounds with X-Ray for Movies and TV, follow along with lyrics with new X-Ray for Music, fling videos to your TV with Second Screen, and more
  • Over 100,000 apps and games available in the Amazon Appstore, including a new paid app for free every day

Speak to a member of our staff for questions and additional details (941) 729-6021.  CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT A SLIP QUOTE REQUEST NOW

DISCLAIMER: This promotional offer is for new customers signing a new lease.  Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Customers must fulfill deposit and insurance requirements. If you default on your lease, we reserve the right to apply the cost of your Kindle Fire HDX to your balance.  

Regatta Pointe Marina Welcomes First-Time Live Aboard Boaters

Regatta Pointe Marina is pleased to be home to a thriving live aboard boating community, including many first-time live aboard boaters.

Many serious boaters dream of a life on the water, and Regatta Pointe Marina’s amenities and friendly staff are happy to help make that dream come true. Our boating community enjoys resort-style amenities, including comfortable boaters’ lounges, on-site laundry, pristine showers, an on-site fitness center, free internet access, and much more.  Not to mention, Regatta Pointe Marina is home to a day spa, salon and two restaurants, including’s #1 rated restaurant in Palmetto, FL, Riverhouse Reef & Grill. 


Regatta Pointe Marina at Fort Myers Boat Show

Come see the Regatta Pointe Marina Booth at The 42 Annual Fort Myers Boat Show on Nov. 13-16, 2014.  Our staff will be on hand with information on dockage and boating in the Bradenton / Tampa Bay region. 

The Fort Myers Boat show is among the largest in west Florida, and will feature a wide range of boats, marine products and services.  The show includes seminars on fishing, boat safety, kayaking and more. The Boat Show is located in downtown Fort Myers. The main entrance is at the corner of Bay Street and Dean Street. The show is spread out through the Harborside Event Center, along Edwards Drive and Centennial Park to The Fort Myers Yacht Basin.

Regatta Pointe Marina is the premier marina in Manatee County, with direct access to the Manatee River, Tampa Bay, the Gulf of Mexico and other beautiful waterways. With boat slips starting at only $8, premier resort amenities, on-site dining, a salon, day spa, ship store and great customer service, Regatta Pointe Marina is the 2013 & 2014 Bradeton Herald People’s Choice award winner “Best Marina.” 


Living Aboard Your Boat Full Time


Have you ever dreamed of waking up in the morning to the smell of the ocean, to the sound of waves, to the peaceful serenity of nature and sailing into the sunset? This could be an option that many people would want, but would not know where to start.

Many have given up inner city living in order to live on a boat. The way this is done is by obtaining a live aboard slip at Regatta Pointe Marina or a similar marina. There are a limited number of slips issued to boat owners, and this is to ascertain that others do not overstay their sleep over aboard their boats. It is known that the privileges are so in demand.

Staff that work at the marina may also come and clean out a slip holders waste from their holding tanks, once or twice per week. Wireless internet is offered as well. You will find showering facilities, restaurants on site, anda pool. There are convenient stores even clubs where you can get to know other boat owners, like Regatta Pointe Yacht Club.

What do I have to compromise to live aboard?

There is less breathing space than in a house or flat, and a lot of boaters get rid of their dishwashers, bathtubs and so forth.

Boat maintenance?

This is considered to be costly. You will notice that those talented professionals that repair boats are in high command in certain areas. They do charge a reasonable fee, despite their experience.

The up side…

Living aboard is so cost effective should you have an older vessel and you are able to do the little touch up jobs on your own. A boat of this caliber would cost a bit, but at the end of it all, maintenance costs would charge you nothing.

Those living on their vessels are found to be friendly and this is where you could find the best neighbors. It is amazing what nature does to one. Regatta Pointe Marina and other live aboard marinas have special activities for boaters. One thing that is good about this type of living is that they always look after each other. Should you be out and a stranger is on your deck, the neighbors know who belongs on your boat and who does not. It is like having your own personalized alarm system.

The upside that is so admired by many passers by is that when you live aboard you may possibly untie your boat and be on your way. This may sound so surreal and it most likely is to some, but for the experience many would want to give this a try, even on a short term basis.

If you are looking for an easy and cost effective way to get around when you’re ashore, then read more about an electric folding bike. You can stow them away without much trouble and you’ll always have a way to go see the sights.

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The 6th Annual Turkey Run Regatta on the Manatee River

The 6th annual Turkey Run Regatta, hosted by Regatta Pointe Yacht Club, has been scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014.  All event meetings and ceremonies will be held a Regatta Pointe Marina.

The race will be held on the Manatee River in a reverse handicap format.  Call the Regatta Pointe Marina ship store for details (941-729-6021).  

Notice of Race/Entry Form and additional details to follow:

2014 Turkey Run Notice of Race & Entry Form

Where—All races on the Manatee River.
Event hosted at Regatta Pointe Marina (1005 Riverside Dr., Palmetto, FL 34221); staged by
Regatta Pointe Yacht Club
When—Race held Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014
Expected Classes—Multi-Hull, Spinnaker, Non-Spinnaker and Cruiser
Entry Fee—Early registration is $45 if received by Nov. 14; late registration is $55
Schedule (At Regatta Pointe Marina)
Friday, Nov. 21
1800-1900 – Check-in/On-site Registration
1930 – Skippers Meeting
Saturday, Nov. 22
1030 – Warning Signal for Race
1700 – Awards Ceremony & Party
Dockage—Free for entries. Boat ramp located next to main dock

Boat Sales Up in Florida: In-Water Boat Show Bradenton/Palmetto Oct 2014

If you have noticed the increase in traffic on local waterways, it’s likely due to the recent increase in boat sales.  Brokerage and owner-listed boats for sale at Regatta Pointe Marina have steadily grown over the last year as boaters continue to flock to the Bradenton and Palmetto region to purchase new vessels. 

We found a very good article about boat sales in Florida written by the Orlando Sentinel recently.  Report Caitlin Dineen wrote:

Riding the crest of an improving economy, boat sales are up in Central Florida and across the state, dealers and customers say.

“All of the scare of the economy is wearing off,” said Manny Messegeur of Winter Park,who recently bought a second boat. “People are realizing the United States is not doomed.”  CLICK TO READ FULL ARTICLE

Boat shows will keep sales in this region high.  The Tampa Boat Show just completed earlier this month, and the Tampa Bay Boat Show will start up in a couple of weeks. Between the two, Regatta Pointe Marina will host the largest in-water boat show at the Autumn Open House on Oct. 4 & 5.  More than 50 in-water boats and yachts will be available for tours and information thanks to the efforts of Massey Yacht Sales, Whiteaker Yacht Sales, American Marine, and Shippey Marine. CLICK TO SEE SOME OF THE BOATS ON HAND

10 Safe and Clean Boat Fuel Tips – Via Boat U.S.

ALEXANDRIA, Va., September 15, 2014 – Unlike an automobile, recreational boats have special safety needs when it comes to refueling. Stern drive or inboard powered boats have closed engine compartments where volatile gasoline vapors don’t easily dissipate, and older gasoline powered boats are the riskiest to refuel as their brittle boat fuel hoses can crack, leaving gas in the bilge after a fill-up. Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) has these ten tips to ensure a non-eventful refueling: 

This boat caught fire shortly after refueling.

Disembark: As soon as you’re safely tied up to the fuel dock, everyone should hop off the boat.
Turn off everything: Shut down all engines, electric motors and galley stoves and turn off the battery at the main switch.
Button her up: Close all compartments, cabin doors, ports, windows and hatches.
Don’t smoke: Ensure all smoking materials are fully extinguished – and don’t leave a stogie smoldering up on the bridge.
No static: Keep the fuel nozzle in contact with the fuel deck fill to prevent static sparks (and don’t confuse the fuel fill with a rod holder, water tank or holding tank fill, which happens more often than you think). Stay with your boat, and don’t use the “hands-free” clip. Portable tanks should be removed and placed on the fuel dock before filling.
Don’t overfill: To prevent fuel from spewing from the fuel tank vent, don’t fill the tank to the very top – try to know how much fuel you need, and keep an absorbent pad handy. A tank that is overfilled can allow fuel to blowback or expand and be forced out of the tank vent as temperatures rise or seas kick up.
Clean up: Replace the tank cap, open all hatches and doors, wipe up any spills and dispose of any fuel soaked absorbents properly — hanging them on a rail to allow the gasoline to evaporate may seem like a good idea — until a guest decides to smoke.
Use the blower: Operate the bilge blower (if equipped) for at least four minutes.
Sniff test: Smell the bilge and engine compartment before starting the engine. Note that a bilge blower won’t remove vapors from spilled gasoline, so use your nose first before you turn the key.
Investigate any issues: If the engine won’t start right up after refueling, stop cranking and investigate. In most cases of refueling-related accidents, the operator tried multiple times to start the engine before an explosion occurred.
To learn more about fueling boats visit

Regatta Pointe Marina Yacht Brokers Autumn 2014 Open House

Autumn Open House at Regatta Pointe Marina: Oct. 4 & 5 2014
Regatta Pointe Marina (Palmetto, FL) is home to four on-site yacht brokerage companies (Massey Yacht Sales, Whiteaker Yacht Sales, American Marine and Shippey Marine), all of whom will participate in the Autumn open house.

Autumn means boat shows in West Florida, and the Regatta Pointe Marina yacht brokers are starting the season off with the largest selection of in-water power and sail yachts in the region.  Whether you are in the market to buy, sell, or upgrade your vessel, Regatta Pointe Maria is the one-stop destination for you.  The on-site yacht brokerage firms host dozens of power and sail yachts docked at the marina.  Their sales teams will be available at the open house to answer questions, or help with your yacht transaction.

Yacht buyers: The general public is welcome to come and browse the new and used boats at Regatta Pointe Marina at no charge. You’ll find multiple docks lined with power and sail yachts.  Most boats have an standing displays that provides the information you need, including make, model, year, features and list price.   

Yacht sellers: List your boat with a Regatta Pointe Marina broker to make your boat visible to more buyers with high local foot traffic, two busy restaurants located on site (Riverhouse Reef & Grill and Riverside Café) and daily in-coming boaters.

Yacht upgrades: If you’re ready to upgrade your vessel, there’s no better place to purchase a new boat and sell your old one than at Regatta Pointe Marina.  Use the information here to contact a broker.

Visit for more information, or speak with one of the Regatta Pointe Marina brokerage companies directly:  Massey Yacht Sales (941-723-1610); Whiteaker Yacht Sales (941-776-0616); American Marine (941-779-0605); Shippey Marine (941-981-3855).

Manatee River Boating Zones Map

There’s no better place to begin exploring the waterways in and around Manatee County than on the Manatee River.  With safety, the number one mission, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has helped to set up marine zone maps to ensure the safety of those on your vessel and the wildlife in the area.

Click on the image here to download the Manatee River marine zones map.  And click here to download more useful marine zone maps in the Palmetto, Bradenton, Tampa Bay area.

To download a copy to your computer, place your cursor over the image, click your right mouse button, then click the “Save Link As” option. After a dialogue box appears, you can select the destination of where you want the image downloaded and, if you choose, a new name for the file. Then click “Save” .