Bradenton, and Palmetto Boat Slips – Regatta Pointe Marina Virtual Tour

Bradenton and Palmetto boaters have chosen Regatta Pointe Marina as their “Favorite Marina” in back-to-back years (2013 & 2014), according to the annual “People’s Choice Awards” held by The Bradenton Herald. 

Regatta Pointe Marina slips are preferred by regional boaters because they include more amenities (like a pool, hot tub, boaters lounges, exercise facilities & more), quick access to local highways (including I-75 and Hwys 41, 301 & 275), and quick access to the Manatee River, Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.  Click on the link below to watch a virtual tour of Regatta Pointe Marina:

The Best Slip Fees in Bradenton, Palmetto Area

Regatta Pointe Marina slip fees start at only $8 per foot, the lowest in the Bradenton, Palmetto area. We specialize in boats from 20′ to 120′ and offer standard slips as well as lifts and live aboard options.  We also have special offers including “First Month Free” when you sign an annual lease and “Front Slip Specials” for a flat $199 per month.

Whether you’re looking for daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal or annual docking, we’ve got great slip rates for you.  Click on the “Request Slip Information“ button below and take a few seconds to tell us about your boat.  We’ll get back to you with our best slip options for you and your vessel.

Slip request info

Regatta Pointe Marina Has The Best Location, Location, Location

Regatta Pointe Marina sits on the northern shores of the Manatee River between two cities, near three major highways, with quick access to the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay.

Location is one of the major reasons so many people call Regatta Pointe Marina the best marina in the region. The proximity allows us to host boaters from as far away as Orlando, who can quickly access the marina via I-75.  Boaters from both Tampa and Sarasota reach the marina via HWY-275, HWY-301 and HWY-41.

Sitting just west of the Historic Green Bridge connecting Palmetto and Bradenton, boaters who chose to live aboard at Regatta Pointe Marina have the benefits of two very distinct downtown districts just minutes away. Meanwhile, everyone benefits from the open path (free of bridges) to the Gulf of Mexico and/or Tampa Bay.

Bradenton, Palmetto Boaters Fuel Up Quick & Easy at RPM

Fueling your boat can be a hassle, especially in the Bradenton, Palmetto area.  Many local in-water boat fuel stations make you call and wait for an attendant, or navigate treacherous waters, or they simply gouge you on the price.

Regatta Pointe Marina is the simple solution for all those concerns.  Just pull up to the Ship Store dock at the marina’s river-side entrance.  Our friendly staff is right inside waiting to get you taken care and on your way. 

Dock and come inside for food, bait, ice, sunscreen and anything else you might need for a day on the water, including local charts and navigational tools.

Once you’re ready to go, you’ll enjoy quick access to the Manatee River, Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay without any bridges or other obstacles.

Boating apparel at Regatta Pointe Marina Ship Store

The Regatta Pointe Marina ship store has the apparel you need.  We carry hats, glasses, shirts, jackets and more for men and women in the top boating brands.  

You can also purchase marina and Regatta Pointe Yacht Club event t-shirts, and burgees at great prices. 

If there’s anything you want that we don’t have on hand, we’re happy to order in as a satellite location for West Marine.  Most orders are delivered from West Marine’s regional location same day at no additional charge. 

So skip the department stores and shop where you boat. And enjoy the free coffee, made daily for our customers. 

Costa Glasses at Regatta Pointe Marina Ship Store

The Regatta Pointe Marina Ship Store has restocked our rack of Costa glasses just in time for the start of the upcoming sunny boating season.

We keep a variety of glasses (Costas and other brands) for men and women.  You’ll also find an assortment of safety straps and cases to keep your glasses secure.

Costa glasses are the top choice of boaters because they offer the clearest lenses in the world and they come with a lifetime warranty.

Stop in the Regatta Pointe Marina Ship Store to check out our complete selection of Costa merchandise.

Fishing Bait and More in Ship Store at Regatta Pointe Marina

Taking a fishing trip near Bradenton or Palmetto, FL? There is no better place to get your bait and fishing gear than at the Regatta Pointe Marina ship store.  This is particularly true for boaters, who can load up on supplies, bait & fuel all in one stop that’s conveniently located on the northern side of the Manatee River, just west of the Historic Green Bridge.

The RPM ship store is loaded with live shrimp and other bait, frozen fish, tackle, lures, fishing line, and more.  You can even get your rods and reels here if you need. Tie up along our dock and enjoy quick access to the Gulf of Mexico, or Tampa Bay without crossing any bridges. We’ve also got snack foods, ice, sodas and other drinks, plus free coffee.

Stop in for information about the numerous charter fishing boats that dock at Regatta Pointe Marina.

Injured Pelican “Snappy” Back at Regatta Pointe Marina

Some of you here at Regatta Pointe Marina may remember the sick pelican spotted around the marina earlier this month. A wildlife rescue person was finally able to capture the pelican now known as Snappy! (named by one of our young live aboard sailors) We found him one night resting on a dingy by the west side bathhouse. He was very sick, could not fly, and was letting people get very close to him.  But if you got too close, he would turn around and snap at you with his big bill. That’s when our little sailor girl started calling him Snappy.

Snappy was captured the next morning and taken to the Bayshore Animal Hospital where Dr. Mosler determined he was full of round worms, which are found in a parasitic form in fish. Snappy was nursed back to health at the hospital.

We have good news today! Snappy has been returned to the Marina and has fully recovered from parasites. Yes, even Pelicans can get some bad fish now and then. Justin Matthews with Justin Matthews Wildlife Rescue, tells me Snappy only had a day or two before he more than likely would not have survived.

If you come across an injured bird or other wildlife, do not try to trap it yourself. Instead, call one of these numbers for help:
Matthews Wildlife Rescue @ 941-822-3272
Wildlife inc. @ 941-778-6349
Save Our Sea Birds @ 941-388-3010

Chris Kennedy

Kennedy Video and stills production.

Want $100? Send a Friend to Regatta Pointe Marina

Want to make an easy $100? Send a friend to Regatta Pointe Marina.  

Regatta Pointe Marina was named the Bradenton Herald’s People’s Choice for Favorite Marina in 2013 because it has more amenities, a convenient location, and the best staff around.  So help us spread the word, and earn some money for yourself in return.

Regatta Pointe Marina’s referral program gives anyone the opportunity to make some quick cash, just by telling their friends and family about the great rates and amenities the marina offers.

Have the person(s) your referring write in your name and contact information on one of these referral cards (shown right), and we’ll send you $100 after they sign a slip agreement of six months or one year.

You can pick up referral cards at the Regatta Pointe Marina Ship Store, or click on the referral card image above to download it now.


Regatta Pointe Marina is the Bradenton / Palmetto Charter HQ

Thanks to the growth of businesses in the Regatta Pointe Marina charter boating community, there has never been more ways to experience the thrills of boating in and around Manatee County.

Manatee County’s rivers, bays and Gulf outlets provide great opportunities for sailing, power boating, fishing, nature/history tours and more.  Regatta Pointe Marina is home to vessels ready to meet any of these interests. Stop by the new office opened by Catherine’s Florida Charter at Regatta Pointe Marina to get information on more water adventures. 

Here are some of the Charters based at Regatta Pointe Marina:

Bass N Bay Charters – Captain Brady Nelson –
Bradenton Inshore Fishing – Capt. Ryan Taylor –
Florida Fishing Charters -Captain Jim Teeter –
Captain Daniel Kesten –

Manatee River Nature/History Tours:
Riverside Tours – Seating up to 40 for special events hires; Dine & ride river tours from $25 –

Windancer Charter – Charters by the hour or day; Sunset cruises; & ore –
Catherine’s Florida Charters – Package charters; Sunset cruises; Weddings; Water adventures; & more –