5 Pet Blunders Made While Boating This Summer

Pippa’s webbed feet make her a great swimmer and perfect for boating. The Boykin Spaniel belongs to a BoatUS Foundation staff member

By BoatUS Staff

ALEXANDRIA, Va, August 24, 2016 – The dog days of summer are here, and recreational boaters are having a great time with their pets on the water. However, not all outings have gone as planned, and the staff at Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) has some stories to share about their experiences this summer that can help all animal owners:

“As someone who has had to haul a Golden Retriever onto the swim step of a large motorboat, I’d suggest making sure the dog can swim before coming aboard the boat.”
–Kerry in BoatUS Marine Insurance

Tip: BoatUS also suggests learning about life jackets for dogs Click Here for more.

“Engine fumes and seasickness can affect pets, too. Thank goodness for snap-out washable boat carpets! I try to ensure the dog is not in an enclosed space, and can see the horizon and I avoid having him sit aft where engine fumes can backdraft onto the cockpit floor. Boaters should also have a CO alarm in the cabin regardless.”
–Jerry in BoatUS Towing Services

Tip: For more on carbon monoxide poisoning, go here.

“Cat lovers suggest hanging indoor/outdoor carpet or rope over the transom so cats can climb back aboard if they fall overboard. I once tried to dry out a wet cat with a hair dryer and it didn’t go so well. While a few cats don’t mind loud noises and may even let you vacuum them, a soft towel or chamois is better for drying off your little Lion King.”
–Ted in BoatUS Foundation

Tip: To find out how to canoe or cruise with cats, see two stories here.

“I always keep a boat hook handy for retrieving just in case. It’s also easier to grab a dog when he’s wearing his life jacket, and you can lift from the handle on his back.”
–Claire in BoatUS Publications

Tip: On docks at home, the club or marina, BoatUS recommends always having a boat hook nearby.

“In the BoatUS Marine Insurance Program’s Claims Department we recently had a claim on an iguana bite that necessitated nose reconstruction. The message? Don’t tick off the iguana.” 
–Kerry in BoatUS Marine Insurance
Tip: BoatUS has no recommendations for boating with lizards, tarantulas or orangutans, other than to keep them very happy while aboard. If that fails, it’s important to have a good boat insurance policy as a back-up plan. In addition to the medical payments limit selected by the boat owner, all BoatUS Marine Insurance policies include an additional $25,000 for payments for family members not covered by any major medical policy. For a free quote go here.

For more on boating and pets, go to www.BoatUS.com/pets/articles.asp.

Elite Redfish Tournament at Regatta Pointe Marina

The Elite Series Pro fishermen will be here at Regatta Pointe Marina on Aug 11-12-13, 2016 as Yellowfin presents the Elite Redfish Series’ “The Battle at Bradenton.” 

The Yellowfin Elite Redfish Tournament Series features professional anglers from across the country battling head to head in one on one competition. No teammates, no draw partners. These pros brave the elements without anyone else on the boat with them. 

Elite Redfish Series tournaments, including “The Battle at Bradenton,” are able to be viewed online at http://theredfishseries.com/wp/watch-live-2/.

See more on the Elite Redfish Series channel available for FREE on most popular on-demand platforms, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV.  Televised coverage begins at 3:30pm EST on tournament days. 

For more information, visit http://theredfishseries.com/

Regatta Pointe Marina Residents Potluck Aug 2016

Regatta Pointe Marina residents are invited to join us for a potluck dinner from 6-9pm on Aug 25 at the Eagle’s Nest (3rd floor above Riverhouse Reef & Grill).

Join us and meet your neighbors!   Regatta Pointe Marina has one of the largest liveaboard communities in the region.  We hope this will be a great opportunity for residents to get to know one another.  

The Riverhouse kitchen will be providing us with entrees.  Residents are asked to bring a side dish, desserts, or a non-alcoholic drink to share.  The Riverhouse will provide a cash bar serving alcoholic beverages, guests are prohibited from bringing their own. 

We’d like to get an estimate of how many will attend, so we can give the Riverhouse advance notice.  Please RSVP on this event’s Facebook page (Click here to RSVP on Facebook) or by emailing Andrew@RegattaPointeMarina.com. 

We hope to see you there!