Beautiful Water Sunsets at Regatta Pointe Marina

Come to Regatta Pointe Marina (Manatee River between Palmetto and Bradenton) for beautiful watery sunsets!

Millions of visitors each year come to this region to enjoy our great weather and beautiful sunsets.  Most believe they have to drive all the way out to the beaches to see a water sunset.  But Regatta Pointe Marina has a spectacular view over the Manatee River, where you’ll see some remarkable sunsets.  

Our live aboard boating community gets to enjoy this beautiful setting each night.  As do the diners who eat at either of Regatta Pointe Marina’s two onsite restaurants (Riverhouse Reef & Grill or Riverside Cafe) during the time of sunset.

So skip the beach traffic and watch the sun set from our beautiful docks. 

The Riverhouse is very likely the best … in the entire area

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The Riverhouse is very likely the best location for a reception in the entire area. While reasonably priced to begin with (especially compared to country clubs or any other classy locations in the area), the night of the wedding showed us that it was worth every penny. The view was breathtaking as the sun was setting over the marina, the food was first rate, and the decorations provided by the Riverhouse made our lives so easy (all we had to do was make centerpieces–the enormous bay windows and strings of lights throughout the room were more than enough). 

Of course, what really made us feel as though we’d struck reception gold was the event manager, Carrie. Simply put: she is fantastic. She helped us along the entire way, met with us multiple times, and made sure everything ran smoothly: from helping arrange a seating chart for more than a hundred people to providing last-minute table numbers and some much needed guidance for a couple of wedding rookies such as we were (we’d each only attended one wedding before and really had no idea what all was involved in planning one of these babies). On the night of the wedding, she clearly took charge and everyone within the wait and bar staff knew to go to her for questions (if there even were any), leaving us free to enjoy ourselves and talk to our many guests. 

Overall, we could not have asked for a more perfect evening and we are so pleased to recommend this venue (and Carrie) to any couple, no matter the size of your budget.

Wedding: Recently Married
Services Used: Ceremony & Reception Venue

Bradenton Marinas – Regatta Pointe Marina Is The People’s Choice

There are more than a dozen Bradenton Marinas. Which makes it very remarkable that Regatta Pointe Marina has been selected as the “People’s Choice – Best Marina” two years running by the readers of the Bradenton Herald.

The Bradenton area (including Palmetto, Anna Maria Island, Lakewood Ranch, and North Longboat Key) is home to more than 70,000 registered boats according to the Florida Department of Revenue. Regatta Pointe Marina has products and services that will enhance the boating experience for every one. 

For the boat owners who need a boat slip, Regatta Pointe Marina has the most amenities and best rates around.  For boaters just looking for the occasional day on the water, launch your boat at the public boat ramp on the north side of Regatta Pointe Marina and stop in the marina ship store (a West Marine satellite location) for fuel, bait, tackle, ice, snacks, charts, apparel and anything else you need for a great day on the boat. 

West Marine Products at Regatta Pointe Marina in Palmetto

Did you know the Regatta Pointe Marina ship store is a satellite retailer for West Marine?  Yep!  You can get ANY product sold by West Marine delivered to you at the ship store right here in Palmetto, FL.  So skip the Bradenton, or St. Petersburg traffic!

Most purchases are available the same or next business day!

  1. Getting your product is simple.  Call or stop by to browse the full West Marine’s catalog of thousands products, including apparel, fishing gear, boat supplies, electronic, water sports, and more.
  2. Or visit the West Marine website and find your product. Then call the Regatta Pointe Marina ship store (941-729-6021) or stop by and a member of our staff will have your product sent over.  You pay when it arrives. 

Also, stop by to check out the thousands of products the Regatta Pointe Marina ship store maintains in stock each day.  From Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, to West Marine apparel, fishing tackle, maintenance supplies, food, drinks, and more!

Download the Bradenton, Manatee County Boater’s Guide

The Manatee County Boater’s Guide contains
maps and information specific to the waterways
of Manatee County (such as in Bradenton and Palmetto), emphasizing newly-posted manatee protection and boating safety speed zones.

Many features of interest to boaters and anglers are
displayed: locations of boat ramps, marinas, piers,
parks and preserves accessible by water, aquatic
preserves, watersport recreational areas, artificial
reefs, navigational channels, and speed zones. A
Resource Directory along with information on
marine life and native habitats, boating and angling
safety, and ways in which boaters can help protect
our local waterways, are also included. This guide
should not be used for navigational purposes.
Instead, use nautical charts #11400 and #11420,
which are available through NOAA


Regatta Poite Marina Yacht Brokers’ Open House: August 2 & 3

Brokers’ Open House at Regatta Pointe Marina: Aug. 2 & 3
Regatta Pointe Marina (Palmetto, FL) is home to four on-site yacht brokerage companies (Massey Yacht Sales, Whiteaker Yacht Sales, American Marine and Shippey Marine), all of whom will participate in a grand open house on Aug. 2 & 3, 2014.

Whether you are in the market to buy, sell, or upgrade your boat, Regatta Pointe Maria is the one-stop destination for you.  The on-site yacht brokerage firms host dozens of power and sail yachts docked at the marina, and their sales teams will be available at the open house to answer any questions, or help you in your next yacht transaction.

Yacht buyers: The public is welcome to come and browse the new and used boats at Regatta Pointe Marina. You’ll find numerous docks lined with yachts listed by on-site brokers.  Each boat has an individual standing display that provides the information you need, including make, model, year, features and list price.   

Yacht sellers: Get your boat seen by more potential buyers with Regatta Pointe Marina’s high foot traffic, two award-winning restaurants on site (Riverhouse Reef & Grill and Riverside Café) and daily in-coming boaters, by listing and hosting your boat with a Regatta Pointe Marina broker.

Yacht upgrades: If you’re ready to upgrade your vessel, there’s no better place to sell your old vessel and purchase a new one than at Regatta Pointe Marina.  Use the information below or stop by to speak with a broker.

Visit for more information, or speak with one of the Regatta Pointe Marina brokerage companies directly:  Massey Yacht Sales (941-723-1610); Whiteaker Yacht Sales (941-776-0616); American Marine (941-779-0605); Shippey Marine (941-981-3855).

Riverhouse Perfect Venue For Bride From Midwest

Review from bride Erin Lalande courtesy of Wedding Wire:
When we looked at the RiverHouse for a reception venue, we knew instantly we wanted our reception there. The place is absolutely stunning, and perfect for a beautiful Florida wedding. We are from the Midwest so most of our guests had to travel to come to our wedding. We received nothing but compliments about how beautiful and amazing the venue was. It looked breathtaking as the sun was setting, and it was perfect for pictures out on the pier. The food is delicious as well. Our favorite is the kickin shrimp and chicken. 

Another perk of the place is Carrie, the Banquet Manager. She is absolutely amazing to work with. She answered all of our questions from day one and worked with us closely so we could have our dream wedding. She was great and quick to respond. She made sure we were happy and everything went as planned. I could not imagine working with someone else for our wedding. She definitely helped make our day very special. Her team is amazing as well. Hands down one of the best venues I have ever seen and the best staff!

Wedding: 06/21/2014
Services Used: Ceremony & Reception Venue

Basics of Sailing with Charts

By John Jamieson

One single spark and you can lose your black box navigation That’s all it takes to fry the electronics. So, let’s take a minute to get back to the dead simple basics that you should use every moment you are sailing along the coast or offshore.

This isn’t the textbook version, but the realistic version of sailing navigation made dead simple. Which means, no chart table, heeling, taking spray over the bow, and feeling a bit green all at the same time. It all begins long before you cast off that first docking line.

These seven super simple steps will work on any boat any size anywhere in the world. Here’s how to complete 90% of your chart navigation for safer nautical navigation wherever you choose to go sailing:

1. Plan Your Sailing Route

Use the largest scale navigation chart for the sailboat cruising area. Larger scales show greater detail for entering harbors, anchorages, passing near dangers, and using aids to navigation. Look beneath the title of the chart at the ratio. The smaller the second number, the larger the scale.

For instance, in US waters, the best charts for coastal navigation are scaled at 1:80,000. This means that one inch on the chart equals 80,000 inches on the earth’s surface. Once you get inside the coastline and enter harbors, you will want an even larger scale, such as 1:40,000 for much better detail.

Use the “what if” factor when choosing the proper scale chart to use. What if the weather turns rotten, or you have an injury aboard and need to enter a harbor at night, or you need to find an anchorage for the night. Your navigational chart needs to offer the best detail for the safest navigation day or night, in any marine weather.

2. Draw Your Tracklines (TR)

Plot your sailing courses–called “tracklines”–onto your chart with a pencil. Use the outer ring of the compass rose to plot in true direction. Many folks like to use the magnetic (second ring) compass ring, but not all charts have a magnetic ring. Those used offshore show only true direction. Convert the true direction to a magnetic course with the variation shown in the center of the compass rose.

Add westerly variation and subtract easterly variation. For example, if you plotted a true course of 038 true, and the center of the compass rose showed a variation of 3E, you subtract variation from true course to find the magnetic course (035M).

Some charts lack compass roses altogether. Instead they show magenta (purplish) dashed, diagonal lines ever so often that span the real estate of the chart. These are called isogonic lines. Look along the line to find the variation. Use the same rules above to convert your true course to a magnetic course.

3. Label Your Magnetic Steering Course

Write the magnetic course on the top of each of your tracklines. Label the course with three digits and a capital M (for magnetic). For example, for a magnetic course of 35 degrees magnetic, you would write 035M onto the top of the line. For a magnetic course of 8 degrees magnetic, you would write 008M onto the top of the trackline.

To make your labels clearer, draw a small arrow that breaks between the magnetic label, with the arrowhead directed in the direction of travel. For example -035M-> or -008M->

4. Scan for Dangers and Annotate

Take time to scan with great care to the right, left, and ahead of your trackline. Look for any dangers such as hazardous wrecks, shoals (shallow spots), rip current notations, or other areas that could place your vessel in harm’s way.

Mark these with colored pencils so that they stand out day or night, in any type of weather. Do not use red for annotating, as this will become invisible if you use red lights to maintain night vision. Instead, stick with blues, greens, magenta (nautical purple), or black.

5. Tape Over Your Tracklines

Purchase removable Scotch tape or any similar brand that can be removed and written on. Tape over the penciled tracks and add a strip above and below (for labeling or plotting positions). That way, you can reuse the chart over and over and the tape provides a protective barrier against the ravages of pencil lead, erasers, and the needle points of your navigation dividers.

6. Make It Black and Bold

Use a black fine-tip felt tip pen to trace your penciled sailing tracks onto the top of the tape. Write in your course labels on the top of each trackline with the felt tip marker.

7. Lash it to a Board

Make your chart ready to use in the cockpit. Fold the chart to show the area of navigation. Lash it to a legal size clipboard or use an artist sketch-board with rubber bands. In rainy weather, slide the board into a super-size plastic ziplock-type bag.

Use these seven super simple sailing tips to make your cockpit chart navigation fun, safe, and easier than ever before. You will become a more confident sailing navigator, always prepared to get your boat home safe and sound!

Captain John teaches sailing skippers the skills they need to learn to sail like a pro! Get his popular free report “Ten Top Boat Safety Checks for Cruising Boat Skippers” at Learn to Sail at

A Day In The Live Aboard Life At Regatta Pointe Marina

A typical day as a live aboard boater at Regatta Pointe Marina.

You wake up aboard your boat and rise to a beautiful sunny day on Florida’s gulf coast.  You take a quick show in one of Regatta Pointe Marina’s 17 resort-style showers, get dressed and relax in the comfort of either of the marina’s two comfortable boaters’ lounges while sipping on a free cup of coffee and reading a free newspaper provided by the ship store.

After lounging around in the morning, you take a swim in the on-site swimming pool (heated during winter months) and let your muscles relax in the hot tub.  You watch the birds fly by and spot dolphin who have swam in from the Gulf of Mexico.  After you’ve fully relaxed, you enjoy a delicious lunch at Riverside Cafe where you enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine.

After lunch, an afternoon workout is order so you use the nautilus equipment and weight machines in the Regatta Pointe Marina fitness center overlooking the Manatee River. After your workout, you clean your sweaty clothes in the on-site laundry facilities with detergent you purchased at the marina ship store. 

As your day winds to an end, and the marina becomes quite and peaceful, you realize why Regatta Pointe Marina is the back to back (2013 & 2014) winner of the award for “Best Marina” in the region by the readers of the Bradenton Herald, and commonly known as the Premier Live Aboard Marina in all of Florida. As the day becomes night, you stop in at Riverhouse Reef & Grill (the other on-site restaurant) for an incredible dinner and live music. You enjoy the beautiful 270-degree waterfront views at the Riverhouse, which was recently named “Best Waterfront Restaurant” and “Best Restaurant for Brunch” in the region by readers of the Bradenton Herald.