Transition to Live Aboard Boating at Regatta Pointe Marina

Where do you feel free of stress?  Where do you feel alive and in touch with nature? If you’re a yacht owner, it’s probably on your boat. So why not consider the live-aboard lifestyle? 

Living aboard your vessel is a great way to save money, while downsizing from some of the vast amount of possessions that make you feel tied down.  The easiest way to make the transition from a house to living on the water is to select an all-inclusive marina that embraces live aboard boaters, like Regatta Pointe Marina, in the region where you want to make your home-base.

A good live aboard marina will have top-flight facilities such as a boaters lounge, showers, laundry, and electricity on every slip. A great live aboard marina will also have amenities such as a swimming pool, exercise gym, cable TV and internet connections. When you have all of these things, life aboard your boat is as comfortable as a house or apartment with the freedom and nautical environment that you love.

Our live aboard boaters here at Regatta Pointe Marina also enjoy the community aspects of living near fellow boaters and our marina staff, all of whom share their love of boating. Live aboard boaters receive membership to the Regatta Pointe Yacht Club, which has many fun social events including cruises, cookouts, games, boat races and more.  It’s just one more reason we’ve been recognized in state and national publications as the premier live aboard marina in Florida.

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Live Aboard Powerboats Becoming Common

Powerboats are becoming the live aboard home to more and more boaters.  The live-aboard lifestyle enjoyed by sailors for generations isn’t just for sailors anymore.  The room aboard a 36’motorcraft is more than ample to support a spacious and homey life, particularly in the sedan/convertible crafts.

The aft cockpit is perfect for deck seating, and even has space for a grill or outdoor table. We’ve even seen people set up full entertainment centers in this space. From there you can utilize the foredeck for reading or relaxing. The cockpit is another space that can be decorated or customized make your nautical home comfortable whether you’re at the dock or heading out for a cruise.

The salon is a great a living room with a television and counter space. A savvy boater/chef will cook full meals in the galley.  Meanwhile you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a full to queen size bed in your stateroom, depending upon the size of your vessel. Give your head some minor decorations, and you’ve basically got an apartment on the water.

Whether you’re planning to live aboard a power or sailboat, you’re going to save a considerable amount of money and have more time to devote to boating than you ever imaged.  While a typical small waterfront apartment on the Florida Gulf Coast starts at around $1,500 per month.  Slip space at Regatta Pointe Marina is typically only a few hundred a month, and includes a luxurious boater’s lounge, a gym, a pool, boat house, the area’s top ship’s store and easy access to the open Gulf waters.

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Deciding on Live Aboard Boating

Regatta Pointe Marina on Florida’s Gulf Coast is one of the few marinas perfectly structured for live aboard boaters. So if you are considering the live-aboard life, here is a little rundown on what you can expect.

Life on a boat is similar to life in a house or an apartment. You really do have everything you need available to you.  There is no need to sacrifice comfort.  A typical live aboard boat has the same bedroom(s), bathroom(s), a kitchen, air conditioning and beautiful water views.  Many boats even have a room for entertaining on a boat.

Most live aboard boaters sleep very comfortably in full or queen-size beds.  Storage and closet space is much more ample than you might expect. The galley (kitchen) is not as large as in a typical home, but there is usually enough space for food preparation and a few appliances with a table space for dining.

If you love the water, you will appreciate a year round view from your deck.  And you’ll love the financial savings as well.  In south Florida, even one-bedroom apartments along the waterfront typically cost around $1,500 or more per month.  However, live aboard boaters at Regatta Pointe Marina pay just a few hundred per month (price depends upon the size of the boat).  And you will find that places like Regatta Pointe Marina are full of like-minded boaters, giving you the opportunity to share your passion and be a part of a happy boating community.

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