Riverhouse Reef & Grill 4th Anniversary Party! FREE KEY LIME PIE ALL DAY

FREE KEY LIME PIE ALL DAY For 4th Anniversary Party!

Monday, February 4th, 2013

All Day Specials to Celebrate our Anniversary and Say THANKS to Our Customers


$1.50 Domestic Drafts

$3 House Wines

$3 House Margaritas


$5 Fish and Chips

$10 Lobster Pot Pies

$5 Lobster Corn Chowder

$15 Whole Maine Lobsters


(Dining guests only. Limit One Serving)

Valentine’s Day 2013 at Riverhouse Reef & Grill

Valentine’s Day 2013 – Thursday, 2/14/13 – Palmetto / Bradenton, Fl
on the beautiful Manatee River

Valentine’s Day is a special day, and Riverhouse Reef & Grill is the perfect place to celebrate that special relationship!  This year, the restuarant will be open as normal and reservations are being accepted now! 

Sweethearts on the Water Event

Additionally, for the first time we will be hosting “Sweethearts on the Water” on our beautiful 2nd floor banquet room.  This special event for couples features a bottle of wine, live music, dancing, flowers, chocolates, and a very special pre-fix menu including a shared appetizer, salad, dessert, and spectacular entrees!  Entrees will include Prime Filet, Whole Maine Lobsters, Fresh Wahoo, and Chicken Chevre’ along with special sides.  This exclusive event is reservation, seating is limited, and is priced at $100 per couple. 

Book your reservations for either in the restaurant or Sweethearts on the Water today.  Seating is limited and will book fast! 

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Boat Finance – Tips on Finding Your Best Method


A lot of people dream about sailing to get away from the stresses of everyday life. Traveling through the waves offers a temporary escape from reality and a feeling of peace. In order to experience this kind of luxury, all you have to do is pick the right boat finance options.

Initial Steps
Think about the reasons why you would like to purchase a vessel of your own. Some want one as a luxurious toy while others use it as a business investment to have it rented by other people. Try to look at your existing monetary state to find out if you are ready enough to make a purchase. You may seek the aid of financial planners to help calculate whether your finances are enough to buy a boat. These professionals would study your assets, sources of cash flow, expenditures, and goals to see which payment options would suit you best. Try to reschedule your purchasing plans if you do not have sufficient funds yet. It is not a good idea to put other necessities at risk.

Paying through Cash
Cash payments are still the cheapest options available because they spare you from accumulating interest fees. Unfortunately, since boats are very expensive items, only a few people have enough savings to shell out a huge sum of money in an instant. This can deplete your savings if you are not fully prepared.

Loan Options
Loans are more convenient because they allow you to pay the amount you can afford on a regular basis at a certain period of time. However, if you try to compute the over-all charges, this will cost you more than paying through cash. You may obtain loans from credit unions, ship manufacturers, and banking companies. Better borrowing alternatives are provided to people with good credit scores and ratings in the past.
Factors to carefully assess within the contract are the down payments, monthly deposits, interests, and taxes. Avoid lending terms that last for a long period of time. Interest rates will pile up and your vessel tends to lose more of its original value because of depreciation. When you finally decide to buy a vessel of your own, take note that your expenses do not entirely end on paying for boat loans. You should also consider other fees such as fuel, luxury taxes, maintenance, and repair. Be sure that you are prepared to face all these obligations prior to sealing the deal.

The author writes for http://www.revolutionmarinefinance.com.au which provides information regarding Boat Finance.

Extend the Life of Your Boat Engine

By Whitten Hall

Regular oil changes, proper fuel filtering, and the like notwithstanding, the most effective Boat motor imageway to derive maximum longevity from your boat’s engine is to operate it within its specified horsepower range. Contrary to common belief, this cannot be guaranteed by simply by operating the engine below its maximum rated rpm, for example, by running an engine with a maximum rated 2300 rpm at 1800 rpm. The fact is, you can overload an engine, and consequently increase its rate of wear, at just about any rpm.

Here’s why…

An engine develops power in response to load. At any time, your engine may be producing more or less horsepower than its rating specifies. The more horsepower the engine produces, the more internal heat and stress it produces. Since these factors contribute to wear, increased horsepower (or, more accurately for our purposes, increased torque) means shorter engine life. Therefore, the key to maximizing engine life is to keep torque and horsepower production at or below the maximum levels specified on your engine’s rating curve. How do you do that, you ask, since you can’t measure horsepower without a dynamometer (a bench- or floor-mounted resistance brake)? Or can you?

Horsepower is a measure of work accomplished, and is the product of torque and engine rpm. Other factors held constant, torque is produced by combustive force in an engine’s cylinders acting through its pistons, connecting rods and attached crankshaft. Combustive force is determined by the quantity of fuel burned, which in tum depends on the throttle setting. For instance, if you need full throttle to reach 1800 rpm on an engine with a rated maximum rpm of 2100, that engine is likely developing more horsepower than it is rated to produce at that point on its rpm curve. So, that engine is likely wearing out as a faster rate than the engine manufacturer anticipates or judges acceptable. You can draw the same conclusion if your engine fails in operation to be able to achieve its maximum rated rpm or takes an excessively long time to do so.

A good way to keep tabs on torque and horsepower production is to monitor fuel consumption. By comparing actual fuel burn with that charted on an engine’s rating curve, you can judge whether the engine is being overloaded or not. If your engines are expensive units, this may be a good reason to install fuel flow metering, if you don’t already have electronic monitoring that provides the needed information. Moreover, understanding what percentage of your engines capacity for power production you are actually using gives you a good indication of a number of other key items, for example, how well your reduction gears and props match the engine’s rated power curve and, therefore, whether you can expect any improvement with adjustment to such factors.

Whitten Hall, DT&F Yacht Sales


By William L Gills

Safety experts will tell you to check the weather before you go out on your boat. Checking the weather in advance will at least give you a clue as to whether a late day squall or a heavy fog might be bearing down on you.

Here is a list of some of the best weather tools online or in a smartphone app.

ACCUWEATHER: (Free) Here you can get your current, hourly, weekend, extended and monthly forecast for your area. It also provides you with the chances for precipitation over a 24 hour period in blocks of 3 hours each   

THE WEATHER CHANNEL:  (Free) The Weather Channel app is free and available for iPhone, Blackberry and Android smartphones. It has current, hourly, 36 hour and 10 day forecasts, beach forecasts, a satellite weather map of you area, severe weather reports, national, local and “must see video” center. Another great weather app for boaters who have a smartphone.

WEATHER UNDERGROUND:  (Free) This is a useful weather quickie, but it’s not as comprehensive as the website and should not be relied on for long-ranging boating forecasts. 

NOAA:  ($3.99) The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s weather app is the most comprehensive of them all. There’s a regional radar map showing severe weather and flash flood warnings. There are also satellite image mapping of the continental U.S. (color enhanced).

WEATHER BUG: (Free) Weather Bug works on most phones and shows current conditions of temperature, wind speed and direction, wind gusts, high and low temperatures for the day, wind chill, humidity, dew point and alerts. It also includes weekly forecasts and an infrared satellite maps. 

WEATHER RADAR FOR iPhone: ($2.99) This provides immediate base reflectivity radar, global weather radar and cloud cover over a choice of a streets only map, streets and satellites map or satellite only map. It shows radar only, no other weather information is available with this app, but it show real-time radar which is a big plus.   

BOAT LOAD FOR iPhone:($4.99) Get real-time weather forecast in any of 42,000 U.S. cities with hourly, 36 hour, 7 day forecasts for any area you chose. It also has information a boater might be interested in such the location of marinas, port and supplies. Tidal information is also available as well as the ability to file a float plan or send an emergency alert.
   Please note that this article is meant for entertainment only.

Gifts for Boaters

By Jennifer Quilter

Figuring out what to give someone can be a very stressful chore when you’ve run out of ideas. You want to get something they’ll really like, but what? Well, for the sailors in your life, here is a life of both useful and fun gifts for boaters.

A small safety kit. This is something that gets overlooked by a lot of new owners, and something that is really useful to have on board.

Pretty much anything you can think of they’d like, but with the name of their boat on it. This may sound simple until you start thinking of the possibilities. A nice set of beer glasses with the name of their boat engraved on it. Shirts with the boat name stitched on the pocket, or maybe personalized crew style shirts. Kitchen or bath towels with the name embroidered on them. The list of things you can personalize goes on. This is a gift for boaters that’ll be sure to stand out and be appreciated.

A towable tube. This is something that’s fun for everyone and doesn’t take any real skill from the recipient. The tube is simply hooked onto the back with a tow rope or harness, the riders hold on as the boat takes off and enjoy a fast wild ride. The tubes come in various sizes, holding one rider or up on a dozen. They come in all different colors and designs, so it’ll be easy to find one that fits the personality of the person you’re shopping for. This is something people are always excited to receive and they’ll end up using it again and again.

Hopefully these ideas help take some of the stress out of finding something that will be fun, useful, and fit the personality of your friend. Getting something for their boat is a great idea because it’s something you already know they love and care about. When looking for gifts for boaters keep in mind what they usually end up doing on the water, and then think about what you think would make that time better for them.

If you’re still nervous about choosing the right inflatable towable tube for your friend check out SportsStuff Towable Inflatables for some fun ideas.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jennifer_Quilter